Environmentally Friendly Manufacturer

Chance Marketing continues to actively work on reducing its environmental impact on the world by manufacturing sustainable awards.
We continually drive to be a environmentally friendly manufacturer of bespoke awards

Our recent projects have included the installation of a biomass boiler, a renewable energy source for our
office and factory. We have reduced our plastic waste in our manufacturing process and replaced with recyclable cardboard.
Chance Marketing has also invested in a new cardboard recycling machine to replace the waste plastic in our packaging.
All helping us meet our target of being an environmentally friendly manufacturer of bespoke awards.

We also continually recycle all our acrylic waste.

Recycled Awards

Did you know your acrylic awards can be recycled?
See below for more details

Recycled Awards Service

A great new initiative to help look after our planet

As part of our drive to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer of bespoke awards, we are pleased to now offer an acrylic recycling service. Any acrylic products purchased from us, that are no longer required, can be sent back to us for recycling. At our partner's reprocessing plant, unwanted items are dismantled and reprocessed into acrylic granules, ready to go back into the industry. Please contact us to find our more.

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Low Energy Lighting Installed

Just one of the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint

We recently upgraded our factory lighting to help us reduce the amount of energy we use: resulting in an overall reduction of 8.4%. A very worthwhile investment to the plant.

Our Factory

Carbon Footprint Reduction

kgC02e Year 1 of the Biomass

Our Recycled Acrylic

Tons per Year

Reduction of our Waste Plastic Use

% Reduction

Sustainable Investment

£ investment

Our Biomass Boiler

Powering our office & factory with Renewable Energy

All Chance Marketing's heat energy now comes from its biomass boiler, installed in 2015. With a significant investment of £80,000 all our heat is produced from wood chip which is sourced from a Community Interest Company - Our Power. Our Power is based locally - it sources all its wood within a 30-mile radius to keep carbon emissions to a minimum. Our Power reinvests profits into the local community, something which Chance Marketing fully supports as a company which is passionate about its history and long term sustainable future in the UK

What has been the outcome? In year one of the biomass being installed Chance Marketing reduced its carbon footprint by 23,536kgC02e and saved over £3000 in fuel costs. These funds were reinvested into the company, allowing us to continue to push the boundaries for our customers.

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