James MacPherson

In 2016, James commenced his tenure at Chance after completing his Product Design degree at Dundee and amassing prior experience within the industry.

Within our design team, James functions as a vital component, dedicated to translating clients’ ideas into tangible realities. Each day presents a fresh landscape of tasks, with James having engaged in numerous diverse undertakings, spanning from intricate artistic creations to crafting awards fit for the grandeur of red carpet award ceremonies. Possessing a progressive mindset, James thrives on acquiring novel proficiencies and embracing uncharted trials. His true ardor lies in shepherding projects from their conceptual origins to the culminating stage of bespoke fruition. With a dual mastery of both 3D and graphic design, he possesses the prowess to generate an array of top-tier pieces, playing a pivotal role in shaping Midton’s ever-evolving creative ethos.

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