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Elevate Awards Through the Artistry of Chance!

Swift Turnaround and Seamless Collaboration

Discover the epitome of efficiency as we craft bespoke award designs within 24-48 hours. Our integrated design and manufacturing teams collaborate seamlessly under one roof, ensuring a swift journey from concept to creation. The result? Spectacular awards that leave an indelible mark.

Embracing a sustainable future, our award design process goes beyond mere aesthetics. Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives every step of our creation journey.

7 Steps to Designing your next Deal Tombstone or Award

1. Project Details, Project Budget and Delivery Deadlines

At the heart of every successful deal tombstone or award lies a well-defined project foundation. We start by gathering comprehensive project details, understanding your budget constraints, and aligning with your delivery deadlines. This initial step sets the stage for a seamless and efficient design process, ensuring that every aspect of your vision is captured from the outset.

2. Building a Design Brief

Our team collaborates closely with you to extract your vision and translate it into a compelling design brief. We believe in a client-centric approach, where your ideas, preferences, and branding guidelines are integrated into the brief. This step lays the groundwork for a design that not only captures your achievement but also reflects your unique identity.

3. Creating Conceptual Designs

With a solid design brief in hand, we dive into the creative process, crafting conceptual designs that breathe life into your vision. Our experienced designers blend creativity and expertise to explore diverse design avenues, ensuring that each concept resonates with your goals. Through a curated selection of design options, we present you with a range of possibilities to choose from.

4. Conceptual Approval – Design for Manufacture

Once we’ve refined the conceptual designs based on your feedback, we move into the crucial phase of design approval. Our experts plan each design in production, taking into account materials, manufacturing techniques, and scale. This step ensures that the chosen design not only looks exceptional but can also be manufactured as efficiently as possible.

5. Final Sign off on Design and Budget

Your satisfaction is paramount. After incorporating any necessary revisions, we present the final design along with a comprehensive budget outline. We believe in transparency and ensuring that you are aligned with every aspect of the project before proceeding. Your sign-off at this stage gives us the green light to transition to the next steps of the process.

6. Rapid Prototyping

With the design and budget locked in, we shift gears to bring your creation to life through rapid prototyping. Our advanced technology and skilled artisans collaborate to produce a tangible prototype that emulates the final product. This stage allows you to see and touch the design, providing a tangible sense of what the end result will be.

7. Design Changes to Sample for Final Production

Even though we’ve come a long way, we understand that the magic is in the details. At this stage, you have the opportunity to review the prototype and suggest any final design adjustments. Our goal is to make sure that every aspect aligns perfectly with your vision. Once these adjustments are made, we proceed to the final production phase, confident that your deal tombstone or award will be nothing short of exceptional.

Partner with us on your journey to create a memorable and remarkable deal tombstone or award. Each step in this process is meticulously crafted to deliver a product that not only commemorates your achievements but also reflects the essence of your success.

Unleashing Innovation

3D Design Mastery

Embrace the future with our cutting-edge 3D design technology. We harness its power to sculpt awards that redefine excellence. Our designers breathe life into your vision, shaping it into a tangible masterpiece that captures attention and admiration.

Conceptual Designs

Exploring the Blueprint of Imagination

The first step in our artistic journey:
the concept design. Armed with your budget and design brief, our adept designers work closely with you to craft concepts that resonate. Through iterative refinement, we refine the design until it flawlessly mirrors your vision.

Some of the esteemed brands we have collaborated with

Through our creative process, we instill vitality into every award design, resulting in the creation of remarkable, one-of-a-kind marvels that leave a lasting impression.

Michael Anderson – Product Designer

Physical Samples

Rapid Prototyping Wizardry

Witness your award’s metamorphosis from digital to physical with our rapid prototyping service. Experience a tangible sample before full-scale production commences. This ensures perfection, fine-tuning, and aligning with your aspirations. Our promise is not just an award; it’s an embodiment of your success.

At Chance, we don’t just create awards; we immortalise your achievements. Collaborate with us to unveil a realm of personalised recognition.

From Approval to Fulfillment

Manufacturing Excellence

Once your physical sample receives your approval, the exciting journey towards full production begins. This crucial step signifies that every aspect of your award has met your exact specifications and expectations. With the green light given, the gears are set in motion to bring your vision to life on a larger scale. The delivery deadline becomes the beacon guiding the efforts of the production team, ensuring that your awards will reach you promptly.

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