Chance Rebrand: From Concept to Completion for over 40 Years

In the dynamic landscape of business, evolution is not only inevitable but often essential for growth and relevance. Chance Marketing, a prominent player in the realm of deal toys and financial tombstones, has undergone a remarkable transformation that spans decades, from its inception in the 1970s to its rebrand as Chance. This rebrand signifies not only a shift in identity but also a commitment to staying current and appealing to a wider audience while retaining the essence that has made the company a recognised name in the industry.

Chance’s Rich History

Chance Marketing embarked on its journey in the 1970s as a London-based print marketing company specialising in branded merchandise. As time progressed, it seised opportunities and adapted to changing market demands. The 1980s marked a pivotal moment as Chance Marketing transitioned from selling printed branded products to carving its niche in the financial world. Deal toys and financial tombstones became the flagship products, leaving behind its earlier focus.

Over the years, the mantle of leadership has been passed down, with Serena and Iain at the helm, steering Chance Marketing to unprecedented success throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. With their headquarters in London, they played an instrumental role in solidifying the company’s esteemed standing within the industry. Then, in 2011, the baton transitioned to Lynda Anderson, who has remained an invaluable part of the Chance team.

I am thrilled to lead the Chance team into the next phase of its journey, propelling the business to new pinnacles while nurturing innovation. Allow me to introduce our exceptionally skilled team, boasting numerous years of expertise in deal negotiations and financial milestones.

Chance Marketing Logo

The moniker “Chance Marketing” has its origins in the company’s initial ventures into branded marketing products. Over the decades, despite evolution, the name has persisted as a nod to the brand’s roots. The logo, with its iconic eagle motif, has also remained a constant presence since the 1990s. While the eagle has undergone subtle refinements, it has maintained its recognisable form. Interestingly, the eagle held no specific symbolism; it was an artistic choice made by prior owners, a choice that has become an enduring symbol of the Chance Marketing brand…

Service and Products

One of Chance’s standout attributes has been its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in service and products. Word of mouth has been the driving force behind the company’s reputation, especially within the deal toy and financial tombstone market. This ethos, defined by quality and professionalism, has not only stood the test of time but continues to guide the company as it evolves and modernises.

Time for a Refresh of the Brand

As the business landscape evolves, so do the aspirations of companies. Chance recognised the need to engage a younger demographic and expand its reach internationally. While preserving its heritage, Chance made the strategic decision to rebrand. Retaining the Chance name was pivotal, as it served as a bridge to its history. However, the term “Marketing” was dropped from the name, reflecting the shift away from its origins.

The rebrand also introduced a new twist to the Chance name: “Champions in Finance, Cha/nce.” This creative reimagining underscores the company’s commitment to delivering recognition and excellence to its customers. The logo colors, while modernised, pay homage to the original logo, forging a visual link between the past and the present.

The Future

Looking ahead, Chance is poised to maintain its status as a global leader in deal toys and financial tombstones. In an ever-changing world that emphasises sustainability and modernity, Chance is committed to remaining fresh and relevant. As it navigates this journey, the company remains rooted in the principles that have propelled its success: delivering exceptional service and products while embracing the values that have been the foundation of its growth.

In conclusion, Chance’s rebranding journey encapsulates the spirit of evolution that is essential in a dynamic business landscape. Balancing the allure of innovation with a deep respect for its history, Chance has positioned itself as a champion in its industry, ready to carve out new milestones in the years to come.