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Crafting a Greener Legacy
Designing and Producing
Sustainable Awards at Chance

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturer of sustainable awards

Chance continues to actively work on reducing its environmental impact on the world by manufacturing sustainable awards.
We continually drive to be a environmentally friendly manufacturer of bespoke sustainable awards.

Our recent projects have included the installation of a biomass boiler, a renewable energy source for our
office and factory. We have reduced our plastic waste in our manufacturing process and replaced with recyclable cardboard.
Chance has also invested in a new cardboard recycling machine to replace the waste plastic in our packaging.


Off the back of our unrivalled success in custom deal toys, financial tombstones and bespoke awards, we have created BeCHANCE, an off-the-shelf range of pre-crafted products that can be customised and personalised to meet your budget.

Recycled Awards Service

A great new initiative to help look after our planet

As part of our drive to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer of bespoke awards, we are pleased to now offer an acrylic recycling service. Any acrylic products purchased from us, that are no longer required, can be sent back to us for recycling.

At our on-site reprocessing plant, unwanted items are dismantled and reprocessed into acrylic granules, ready to go back into the industry. Please contact us to find our more.

Planting Trees with Every Order at Chance

At Chance, we are dedicated to not only crafting exceptional financial awards under one roof in the UK but also to making a positive impact on the environment. With our commitment to sustainability, we’ve initiated a unique initiative – for every order placed, we plant a tree. This means that with every £100 spent on our finely crafted awards, a new tree takes root, contributing to the preservation and growth of our planet’s natural beauty.

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Our Biomass Boiler

Powering our office & factory with Renewable Energy

Chance now uses a biomass boiler, established in 2015. A £80,000 investment shifted us to wood chip heating sourced from a local entity, Our Power. This company acquires wood within 30 miles, curbing emissions, and channels profits to the community, aligning with our commitment to history and UK’s sustainable future.

Low Energy Lighting Installed

Just one of the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint.

We recently upgraded our factory lighting to help us reduce the amount of energy we use: resulting in an overall reduction of 8.4%. A very worthwhile investment to the plant.

Results? Post-biomass year one, we cut 23,536kgC02e and saved £3000+ in fuel. These funds bolstered innovation, driving customer advancement.

Designing sustainable awards with mindful craftsmanship honours greatness while nurturing our planet’s future.

Jenny Blackwell, Customer Account Manager 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sustainable Awards

Why choose sustainable awards?

Choosing sustainable awards aligns with an organisation’s commitment to environmental responsibility and can enhance its reputation as a socially conscious entity. These awards also contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices.

What materials are commonly used in sustainable award design?

Common sustainable materials for award design include recycled acrylic, bamboo, reclaimed wood and metals. These materials help reduce the reliance on virgin resources and promote recycling.

How are sustainable awards manufactured?

Sustainable awards are manufactured using eco-friendly processes that minimise energy consumption and waste generation. Techniques like recycled acrylic, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes, and digital manufacturing technologies are often employed to reduce the environmental impact.

What design considerations are important for sustainability?

Sustainable award designs should prioritise durability, timeless aesthetics, and versatility. A design that withstands the test of time reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving resources in the long run.

What about the packaging of sustainable awards?

Sustainable awards should be paired with eco-friendly packaging, such as recycled or biodegradable materials. Minimalist packaging that serves its purpose without excess waste is a key consideration.

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