We Plant trees

We are proud to support reforestation.

Tree Planting

“Worldwide, we have now destroyed over half of the forest that once flourished on our planet. Not only are we losing the animals that once lived on them, we’re also changing the climate of the entire globe.” 

David Attenborough, 2021

October 2020 marked a pivotal moment in Chance’s sustainability programme

Partnering with One Tree Planted and Trees for Life, we are proud to invest a percentage of our profits into reforestation around the globe. For every order placed, we plant 1 tree per the £100 value of your order total.


One Tree Planted

The benefits of a tree range from cleaning the air we breathe every second to creating a home for hundreds of species – ranging from small insects to animals to fungai.  One Tree Planted vow that together we will restore forests, introduce new biodiversity while creating a decisive social impact.

One Tree Planted orchestrates projects all over the world – each with their own objectives, making each project truly unique to that location.  One project might support the rebuilding of a forest destroyed in a fire, while another may look to rebuild biodiversity, allowing for a food source to be created for both humans and animals.  On top of this, if trees are sustainably harvested, the timber can be used to build homes, shelters and provide a heat source for warmth and cooking purposes.


Trees for Life

Closer to home, Trees For Life is dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands.  With a catalog rich with 30 different species of trees all native to Scotland, Trees For Life has a diverse offering when it comes to tree planting.  You can choose to donate to an online grove or alternatively, you can mark a special occasion with their tree certificates scheme

But their hard work doesn’t stop there.  They are also currently working on the feasibility of reintroducing the Eurasian lynx back into the Scottish Highlands.  Trees For Life have to date (as at May 2022) introduced nine new red squirrel populations across the Scottish Highlands after careful and precise habitat assessments – they continue to monitor the population in each of the release locations.

At the heart of every order lies a commitment to sustainability. With tree-planting as our pledge, we grow a brighter future, blossoming with eco-consciousness, and nurturing a thriving planet for all.

Michael Allan, Product Designer

Branch out with Chance

Get in touch and let’s discuss Planting Trees with your Next Project. Together we can make the earth great again.


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