The Evolution of Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones: A Journey Through Financial Milestones

In the world of finance, celebrating achievements and milestones is as important as the deals themselves. One fascinating tradition that has gained prominence over the years is the use of deal toys and financial tombstones. These unique, tangible mementos encapsulate the essence of significant transactions and commemorate the collaborative efforts of all parties involved. Join me, Jenny, a Customer Account Manager at Chance, as we delve into the history of deal toys and financial tombstones, uncovering their origins and evolution.

Origins of Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones

The concept of deal toys and financial tombstones can be traced back to the early 20th century when investment bankers and corporate executives began to recognise the need to commemorate their achievements in a tangible way. These keepsakes served not only as a reminder of successful deals but also as a symbol of appreciation for clients and partners who contributed to the accomplishment.

The term “deal toys” is believed to have originated from investment banking, where these mementos were often whimsical or creative representations of the transactions. These could range from miniaturised replicas of buildings for real estate deals to figurines symbolising the industry or nature of the transaction.

The Evolution and Purpose

As the financial landscape evolved, so did the designs and purposes of deal toys and financial tombstones. Initially simple and functional, these mementos transformed into intricate and artistic representations of the deals they commemorated. The purpose, however, remained constant—to recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations in the finance world.

With the rise of mergers and acquisitions, the demand for deal toys and financial tombstones grew substantially. These mementos began to take on a more elegant and sophisticated appearance, often incorporating high-quality materials such as acrylic, metal, and wood. The designs became more personalised, reflecting the unique nature of each deal while showcasing the creativity of the companies producing them.

Impact on Relationship Building

Beyond their aesthetic value, deal toys and financial tombstones play a crucial role in relationship-building within the financial industry. These tangible reminders of successful collaborations strengthen the bond between parties involved in the deal. Clients and partners appreciate the thought and effort put into creating these bespoke keepsakes, enhancing trust and goodwill.

The Modern Era: Personalisation and Innovation

In the modern era, technology and innovation have transformed the landscape of deal toys and financial tombstones. 3D printing, laser engraving, and other cutting-edge techniques allow for intricate detailing and personalisation that was once unimaginable. This evolution ensures that each memento is a true reflection of the deal’s essence and the unique partnership it represents.

Companies like Chance have taken the art of creating deal toys and financial tombstones to new heights. With a keen understanding of the industry’s history and the significance of commemorating achievements, Chance designs exquisite mementos that encapsulate the spirit of financial milestones.


The history of deal toys and financial tombstones is a testament to the enduring tradition of recognising achievements in the financial world. From their humble beginnings as functional keepsakes to their current status as artistic representations of complex transactions, these mementos continue to serve as a tangible connection to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved. As a Customer Account Manager at Chance, I’m proud to witness the evolution of these cherished keepsakes and the role they play in celebrating the accomplishments that shape the financial industry.