1% to the Planet

Chance is proud to support inspiring charities worldwide in our journey to a more sustainable future. This unwavering commitment has driven impactful initiatives globally, contributing significantly to conserving and preserving our planet’s precious natural resources.

In October 2020, Chance pledged 1% of our profits to preserve and conserve Earth’s natural resources.  Working with One Tree Planted and CARE International, our commitment to the environment is unwavering in our desire to promote a greener, healthier future for our planet.

Reforestation Around the World.

Our maiden partnership with One Tree Planted allowed us to fund planting over 50,000 trees globally, supporting regions impacted by forest fires and extreme flooding while rebuilding communities and creating job opportunities. 

In 2019 alone, One Tree Planted had multiple active projects in 17 countries worldwide. These projects not only supported reforestation, but they also enabled job creation and support to marginalised communities. Whether it be through planting fruit trees as a source of food in India, aiding in preserving tradition and culture for years to come in the Andes or supporting female farmer empowerment and education in Rwanda, this incredible charity’s work surpasses the headline of planting trees.


Last year, we introduced Lend With Care to our charity roster.  Lend With Care supports communities in Asia, South America, and Africa in their journey to a safer future.

The work carried out by LendWithCare is crucial in the global fight against poverty and gender inequality by providing women with the crucial resources that are urgently needed.  

So, how does LendWithCare help?

Their grants allow for improved cookstoves to be delivered to Indian women.  They eliminate the need to collect firewood in dangerous environments and remove the toxic fumes from the stoves, promoting safer living conditions for impoverished families in India. 

The grants are set up to empower Indian women with the tools they need to support their families safely. Traditional open-flame wood-burning stoves, which are typically built on the floor, can cause major health issues for the whole family, from respiratory complications to food contamination.

In addition, young children and women risk their lives collecting firewood as there is no safe access to the wood they need for their stoves.

These specially designed cookstoves lead to an immediate 2-ton reduction in annual carbon emissions, promoting a sustainable future for our planet and Indian families.

Chance will donate 1% of our turnover to Lend With Care’s grant scheme every month.

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