Euan Ferguson

Product Designer

Euan became a part of Chance in 2010, following the completion of his Graphic Design & New Media degree

Euan has built a successful career at Chance, starting as a designer and gradually rising to the position of technical lead. His capacity to absorb knowledge from experienced colleagues and gain hands-on exposure to manufacturing processes has likely played a pivotal role in his career advancement.

Euan’s inherent knack for problem-solving and his skill in refining designs for optimal manufacturability stand out as prized assets in the realm of design. As a technical lead, he utilizes his expertise to provide guidance and mentorship to his team of designers, ensuring that their work aligns with the demanding standards of quality and feasibility required for manufacturing.

In his role as technical lead, Euan also oversees the management of artwork flow and the delegation of tasks within the team. This undertaking necessitates strong organizational and communication abilities, along with the capacity to prioritize tasks and uphold project timelines.

In sum, Euan’s unique blend of design talent, manufacturing know-how, and leadership aptitude has made him a valuable contributor to Chance and a thriving professional in his chosen field.