Michael Allan

Product Designer

In 2013, Michael became a part of the Chance team after completing his Honours Degree in "Digital Art" at UWS.

Initially, Michael embarked on his Chance journey, starting in the Print and Machine departments. The hands-on experiences in these areas provided him with a distinctive understanding of manufacturing and finishing processes, proving crucial when he later transitioned to the Design department. Over time, Michael expanded his skill set, encompassing product photography and the execution of design tasks using the Adobe Creative Suite. Notably, his proficiency in graphic art-related designs and his practical conceptual approach have established him as an indispensable team member.

Furthermore, Michael’s design contributions to local projects have not only enhanced the company’s reputation but also strengthened its ties with the surrounding community.

Additionally, Michael actively participates in the Welfare Committee, and his approachable and friendly demeanor makes him a noteworthy collaborator across all departments, ensuring robust communication channels.